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Look and see what clients are saying about Soul Therapy!

Look and see what clients are saying about Soul Therapy!

"I was first given Sandra’s name by a friend of mine who had a reading with her last summer. I’d always been curious about getting one done for myself and put it in the back of my mind as something I wanted to try.

I had probably the most turbulent year of my life this year, my marriage ended after being together over 15 years, I lost my home, my pets, my self esteem became nonexistent (which was not good to begin with). I hated my job and I had so many things eating away at me that I depended on abusing substances just to get to sleep at night. I was in a very dark place and didn’t see anything good in my future.

I was constantly attracting more and more bad things into my life and couldn’t understand why everything was so consistently difficult. I had a lot of childhood issues that ate away at me on a daily basis and couldn’t figure out how to release them even though I could see how they were affecting my life.  I lived my life in fear of judgment and in turn spent most of my days living on the sidelines and letting other people take credit, because I didn’t feel deserving.

In September of this year, my house finally sold and out on my own, I ran out and bought a motorcycle, which don’t get me wrong made me feel free and excited, but when I would get off the bike and get back to reality, my life didn’t feel any better. I was still in a self destructive state.  I decided on my birthday to go get a reading done, I was blown away by the session and decided at that point to purchase the 4 pack of hypnotherapy. At first it seemed like a big investment to me, but considering the money I’ve spent on “things” over the years I decided it was worth giving a try.

I started feeling the effects of the therapy right away and the more I went through it the better I began to feel. I have been able to release so many limitations and negative obsessions that have been holding me back for most of my life. I actually like myself now and know that I can accomplish anything I want. I am already seeing the effects in my day to day life, I am being appreciated in my job and in a time where many people are being let go due to financial times, I’m actually getting a pay raise. I find people are being nicer to me in general and it’s all due to being given the tools to live my life in a positive state, instead of focusing on all the negativity I couldn’t let go of. 

When I had my first reading with Sandra, she told me she knew why I rode the motorcycle. She said it’s because it makes me feel free, powerful, like I could do anything, like I could fly. She was right in her assessment. Then she asked me “how nice would it be if you could feel like that all the time?” I knew what she meant at the time but I honestly didn’t feel like it was possible, until now.

I still enjoy riding motorcycles, but it’s not because I’m in search of a release of my day to day life. If you are thinking twice about doing this, don’t. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent, she’s amazing and my life has changed for the better because of her help. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner in my life.  Wouldn’t you like to feel good all the time? Wouldn’t you like to release all the negativity inside you? Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to stay strong and confident in any situation?
This is what Sandra does for people and I recommend her to everyone."

L. Freeman

"Hi Sandra, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much the soul therapy helped me.  Sure at first I was a little sceptical; it seemed a little too easy. The questionnaires were easy to fill out and once I got started the thoughts just came.  The sessions were great, relaxing and full of affirmations, I enjoyed the process.  What was really surprising for me was that at some point after finishing the process, I had a moment where it seemed that my view of the world shifted, for the better.  I wasn't doing much else, so I can't attribute that shift to anything else but the work we did together.  Thank you for helping me though a significant transition in my life and helping me to move forward to a better place."


What I liked about the Soul Therapy sessions are that changes occurred in how I would think and behave without my being conscious of doing it until much later.  At first I did not understand how the sessions would work in my subconscious rather than conscious mind. As Sandra explained, it would retrain my thought process and change my old habits of thinking from the past. At times, I found the changes were subtle without any conscious effort on my part. Also, having a CD at the end of each session allowed me to continue working on myself especially when I feel I am returning to old habits and patterns.


"When I met Sandra I was at a point in my life where I was tired of listening to a lot negative self talk and tried her hypnotherapy program. I took eight sessions. After the first one I began to notice a change in my mood. I felt more calm, clear and focused almost instantly. I began to take action on things that in the past I had typically procrastinated on and I was a lot more confident and peaceful. Sandra was able to help isolate, unwind and replace some of my very negative inner dialogue. The world feels a lot more positive to me now.

Dan L

I have known Sandra for several years trusting in her abilities to help me through some very difficult times. Sandra has always been honest, trustworthy and very, very accurate.So when the opportunity presented itself for hypnotherapy, I jumped at the chance. I was very excited to get started but also a little nervous. Knowing and trusting fully with Sandra, I started the process. I must say that the process of completing the background work was difficult and made me look deep down inside. Sandra had warned me about that and she was 100% correct. My first session was wonderful I came away from the session feeling better than I had in years.  As I went through the different areas of focus, I started to feel a difference inside. I was even acting different and before I knew it people were noticing. It has been one year since I started this therapy with Sandra.
I am 60lbs lighter in weight, more importantly I have been able to let go of years worth of issues and hurt.
Hypnotherapy with Sandra has changed my life in ways I can not even explain. Her love and guidance have helped me in ways too numerous to count.I strongly recommend to anyone interested in Hypnotherapy,  one of the kindest and most spiritual people I know, Sandra.

Charlotte C.

"I have been to Sandra Shaw for several sessions ... I was amazed at her warmth, sincerity and ability to heal intuitively.  She has remarkable qualities and was a great help in healing me on a number of levels.  She is an incredible person and goes beyond the call of duty to help her clients.  She puts a great deal of effort into preparing for each session and I was amazed at the lengths she went to in terms of detail and addressing the subtle and gross."

Anne S.

I came to Sandra in a moment of my life where I was very depressed; my world had turned upside down. One year after I immigrated to Canada I got divorced and lost my job. Living in a new country and feeling alone made me lose self -confidence. The hypnosis sessions helped me to put myself back together. Furthermore, I have found myself new and interesting faces that leverage my potential for reaching all my personal and professional dreams. Any time I finished a session I felt very relaxed and shortly after I started, I stopped taking drugs for my depression and slept well (which I haven't done in years). I strongly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who may be going through difficult times. Besides, Sandra makes the sessions a very nice experience. She is very professional and has gentle manners to deal with your situation. Every session is your session, it is custom made. Believe me, it works!            

Marie J.

I was very stuck in my life and was looking for some sort of therapy to help me release the negative emotions I was holding on to. When I met Sandra and heard about hypnotherapy, I knew that this was it!!  We worked on different topics throughout the 4 sessions and it was the best money I ever spent.  I felt lighter and felt happier inside. I was sleeping better and felt I had let go of so much baggage. I didn't feel as angry and I just felt more at peace. I have gained more confidence and for the first time in my life I had the confidence to pursue my dreams.  I am grateful for meeting Sandra and will definitely work with her again!  



I should start by saying I hate writing testimonials, but when Sandra asked me, I immediately said YES with no hesitation!  I went to Sandra for a reading because I felt I had nowhere else to turn. Although it seemed my life was on the right path, I was in turmoil inside and was having debilitating anxiety attacks, which left me feeling helpless and lost. During the reading it became apparent that Sandra knew what I was going through, although I didn't say a word. She even saw the knot in my chest which of course represented the horrible anxiety attacks I was having, as they manifested themselves by my inability to breathe. Sandra suggested doing an Anxiety Release, as part of the Soul Therapy. At about the same time I was deciding whether or not to start the Soul Therapy (due to financial reasons), my life took a turn for the worse, literally bringing me to my knees. I was paralyzed and devastated, and the universe responded by bringing Sandra & Soul Therapy into my life at exactly the moment I needed it ... I am not exaggerating when I say they were my salvation.

I ended up doing 4 Soul Therapy sessions and words can't fully explain how life-changing they were. They were expensive, but 100% invaluable. The questionnaires were daunting at first (as Sandra warned they would be) because they forced me to face my personal "demons", negative thought patterns which ruled & distorted my vision of life.  With each session I felt a little freer, could breathe a bit easier. I also listened to the Soul Therapy CD's long after my sessions, Sandra has a very soothing voice and it was calming just listening to her talk.  There were some bad times when the CDs were the only thing that got me out of bed and enabled me to cope.  It's not easy to face yourself, and be true to yourself, but Soul Therapy helped me face & overcome deep-seated fears. I am not afraid of life anymore. I have to commend Sandra, she knows exactly what to say and how to say it, kind and soothing, or tough loving when needed, but always in a supportive and loving environment. Sandra took the time to talk and see how I was coping before and after each session, even calling me to make sure I was OK. She is definitely a special soul and I am honoured to have met her. I would highly recommend Soul Therapy and the Readings.


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