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Open the windows of your mind to explore the depths of your soul.

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Friend Special

Friend Special

Come with a friend for a Full Length Reading and Save $25 each.

$155/60mins each.

Psychic Medium readings world wide by phone, Skype, Messenger, Zoom or in person.
Through spirit, I guide you to rediscover your powerful Universal energy to create the abundance of healthy loving relationships, career opportunities and your financial dreams and desires.

I have been blessed with Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Intuitive, and Clairsentient gifts.  My services are performed worldwide by phone, email or in person.  Psychic Medium Readings, Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapy, Soul Therapy, Tarot Readings.


....Similar to James Van Praagh, John Edwards and Allison DuBois

I have over 25 years of experience in the spiritual healing arts in Toronto, Ontario and North America professionally.  I am passionately committed to helping people to discover their ability to create abundance by providing universal awareness to spiritual and self-help literature and awareness to other spiritual modalities. 


Guest Appearances

2001-2006 Human Society Charity

2006 CP24 New Years

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2009 Blog Talk Radio Episode 17

Listen to internet radio with Tarot Talk on Blog Talk Radio

2009 Blog Talk Radio Episode 7
Listen to internet radio with Tarot Talk on Blog Talk Radio
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Is there something that I should be listening to?

Will it guide me where I want or need to go?

If I'm always connected, how do I know it?

I have come to realize that it's the subtleties, so very small I barely notice them which are actually the big clues. You may experience a feeling, thought or soothing may grab you attention.  It's about learning to be observant enough to see these subtleties in everyday things.  This is how I know I'm connected.  For example, I was listening to an old song that a childhood friend and I learned to dance to, remembering all the fun we had stepping on each other’s toes.  Moments later the phone rang and sure enough - - it was my childhood friend.


With a new Millennium upon us comes the Age of Aquarius bringing transformation and unification. A time for one and all to shift their life trajectory and live by Universal Law and return to a place of true spirituality, where gathering wisdom and knowledge to heal and balance our mind, body and soul are valued above all. This is a time where the world's vision is in need of an evolution towards a greater acceptance and love of oneself and the differences of others. And as we descend into a place of internal peace and tranquility, we rediscover our own ability to create a great abundance of miracles.

When contemplating abundance, the possibilities are endless.