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Transitional TherapyTransitional Therapy
What is Transitional Therapy?

What is Transitional Therapy?

Transitional Therapy is a unique service I offers for those people that have ghosts in their homes who are trapped between the physical and spirit worlds. Transitional Therapy is especially helpful for the terminally ill who are anxious and afraid of the physical/spiritual transition.

Through deep meditation, I guide the client to the hall of Healing in the Spirit World for spiritual rejuvenation. This is the place were all souls are nurtured and healed, preparing them for physical separation and the journey back home to the spirit world. This process is very beneficial for the terminally ill, as it helps them to realize and understand that their physical existence is but a fleeting moment in time and that loved ones are waiting on the other side.

Ghosts are confused entities that don't realize they have passed on. These sometimes mischievous, bothersome beings are in fact stuck between the physical and spiritual plains needing to find their way back to the Universal Light. I use deep meditation and prayer to help guide these spirits back to the light to finally rest.


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